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Safety Tips for Golf Cart Drivers

Safety Tips for Golf Cart Drivers

By Etto Leisure Cars
Dec 14, 2023
| Safety

Golf carts provide quite a leisurely and comfortable mode of transportation for users both on and off the course. It’s important to keep in mind though, that carts are still high-powered vehicles and the proper safety measures should be adhered to.

At our Palmetto Custom Carts dealerships in North Mt. Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant and Summerville, SC, we try to ensure that our customers are well-protected even after purchasing. That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of tips to keep you and your loved ones safe while riding in your golf cart.

Avoid Overloading

Golf carts have a specific passenger and load capacity much like any other ordinary vehicle. It’s important that you ensure that every passenger has a seat to themselves and is seated properly while driving. Carrying more passengers than your cart is meant to accommodate will make you vulnerable to injuries and harmful accidents at times of mishaps.

Obey Traffic Laws

If you live in an area where golf carts are allowed on public streets and roads, you’ll need to be cognizant of the driving laws at all times. This means adhering to speed limits, safety signs, etc. This won’t only prevent you from putting your cart and loved ones at risk but can also save you from getting a ticket for committing a traffic violation.

Keep Limbs Inside

Golf carts are oftentimes associated with fun and freedom, but it’s crucial that you keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Allowing your limbs to hang out of a golf cart can result in serious injuries as you drive by varying obstacles and hazards. If you get caught and stuck on an obstacle it could even result in you being thrown from a cart. Avoid this by keeping your hands and feet close to your body during every drive.

Visit us at any of our dealerships to learn more about golf carts and golf cart safety. We are also happy to assist any customers in Charleston and North Charleston, SC.