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How Preventative Maintenance Helps Your Golf Cart

How Preventative Maintenance Helps Your Golf Cart

By Etto Leisure Cars
Dec 14, 2023
| Maintenance

Whether you use your golf cart at your local golf course or in your neighborhood, you’ve no doubt grown to appreciate the convenience of being able to get from place to place more quickly and easily. Just as your golf cart takes care of you, you should take care of it. Here at Etto Leisure Cars, we believe in the value of an ounce of prevention. That’s why, in addition to our four dealership locations, we operate a service center in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Here is a quick rundown of the benefits of preventative maintenance.

Extends Optimal Performance

Every machine starts its operational lifespan performing at its peak. However, wear and tear can take its toll as time goes forward. While your golf cart will inevitably start to slow down after years of use, even small maintenance tasks can help your cart run better for longer. For example, replacing a part that is a bit older but doesn’t need immediate attention can prevent the older part from wearing down other parts, improving your cart’s overall lifespan.

Saves Time

Whether it’s move-in day on campus or you finally got time off to visit the course, the last thing you want is an ill-timed mechanical failure. Luckily, many common golf cart issues can be nipped in the bud with a little vigilance and forward planning. A day in the shop may sound inconvenient, but that’s nothing compared to a week, especially if that happens to be your only week off.

Saves Money

Preventative maintenance not only saves time but also money. Fixes that seem too minor to bother with right now can always get worse over time. It’s much more economical to pay for some trivial repairs here and there than risk a huge breakdown and a massive bill.


Not all motor vehicles are made alike. If you drive a semi-truck or a bulldozer as a part of your job, the idea of a golf cart being dangerous to drive might almost seem quaint. However, while golf carts aren’t the biggest or fastest vehicles around, a loss of steering control or brakes can still result in serious injury. Remember, preventative maintenance doesn’t just prevent repair bills. It can also keep you and your loved ones out of the hospital.

We hope this guide has emphasized the importance of preventative maintenance, not only as a means of saving time and money while enjoying improved performance but also as a way to make sure your cart is safe to drive. To get your golf cart looked at, visit Etto Leisure cars at our service center in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. If you’re interested in looking at new or pre-owned models, visit one of our four dealerships, with two in Mt. Pleasant and one in both Charleston and Summerville. We are proud to serve southeast South Carolina, including communities like West Ashley and Goose Creek.