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Buying a 4-Passenger Golf Cart

Buying a 4-Passenger Golf Cart

By Etto Leisure Cars
Dec 14, 2023
| Buying Guide

Most golf carts are either 2-passenger carts or 4-passenger carts. For many, four-passenger is the preferred option since it offers enough room to seat a small family without costing too much. If you are thinking about buying a 4-passenger golf cart, use this guide from the experts at Etto Leisure Cars to make the most of your purchase.

Shopping For a Model

Most major golf cart manufacturers produce 4-passenger models, meaning that you will have a lot of options. These carts typically have a weight limit of about 1,000 pounds, which should be sufficient for transporting four adults and some cargo. While most 4-passenger carts have gas-powered engines due to these engines offering more power, electric models are also available. 

Altering a Two-Seat Cart

It may be the case that while shopping you find a model that you absolutely love, only to find that it only has two seats. Perhaps you already own a 2-passenger golf cart. If you fall into either of these categories, you might be able to modify the 2-passenger cart into a 4-passenger model. Bear in mind that this will not work with every cart. In particular, carts with a lower horsepower may not be able to handle the extra weight of two additional passengers. If you do go with the option, bear in mind the effect it will have on your golf cart’s storage capacity. While some of these kits are designed to allow the seats to fold up when extra cargo space is needed, others cannot do so and will reduce your car's overall cargo space.

To view our selection of new and pre-owned 4-passenger golf cart models, visit Etto Leisure Cars. You can visit us at one of our four locations throughout South Carolina, with two in Mt. Pleasant, and one in Charleston and Summerville, respectively. We also offer servicing, parts ordering, financing, and cart customization. We hope to hear from you soon!