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A Guide to Proper Golf Cart Care

A Guide to Proper Golf Cart Care

By Etto Leisure Cars
Dec 14, 2023
| Maintenance

Golf carts can be a convenient mode of transportation, especially in areas where it’s legal to operate them on public roads. No matter the type of cart you have though, it’s necessary to practice adequate maintenance if you want to keep your vehicle in top shape. Luckily, there are several easy maintenance tasks you can do to keep your cart functioning at its best.

Etto Leisure Cars of Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, and Summerville, SC knows how important golf cart upkeep is to our customers’ driving experiences. That’s why we’ve compiled these tips to help you keep your golf cart in optimal condition at all times.

Check Tires

A golf cart cannot perform at its best if it is driving on compromised tires. It should be expected that after a certain amount of miles, your tires will endure wear and tear. It’s best to keep an eye on the tread and pressure of your tires so you can be aware when it’s time for any replacements. Inspecting your tires regularly can also help you to identify other threats, like punctures or tears, that put you at risk of experiencing a blow-out while driving. If you notice a frequent fluctuation in your tire pressure, this could be a sign of leaking, which is another issue to address as soon as possible. It’s a great idea to travel with a pressure gauge so you can always be sure that your golf cart is road ready.


The simple practice of washing your golf cart after each use is one of the best ways to prevent damage to both its mechanical and exterior parts. Allowing dust, grime, and other harmful materials to remain on your cart can lead to various forms of damage to your vehicle. Dust exposure, for example, can lead to filter clogging and eventually engine failure if allowed to accumulate for extended periods. Grass trimmings, mud and other absorbent substances can also cling to your cart and trap moisture to the exterior. This can lead to corrosion and other forms of permanent damage that will surely hurt your cart’s exterior and performance.

Check Batteries

A healthy battery is also key for avoiding dangerous circumstances on the road. It’s necessary to routinely check your battery's fluids before use, especially if it’s been left in storage for a while. Driving with a weak battery is strenuous to your alternator and may result in costly part replacements if allowed to go on for too long. Cleaning your battery can also prevent corrosion and dirt build-up to your poles which is necessary for peak performance during use.

Visit any of our stores in Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, or Summerville to find out more about golf cart maintenance!