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Where to Ride a Golf Cart

Where to Ride a Golf Cart

By Etto Leisure Cars
Dec 14, 2023
| Lifestyle

Many golf cart drivers are discovering alternative ways to enjoy their vehicles, both in different settings and for various purposes. While there are numerous ways to enjoy these rides, golf cart safety demands you understand the appropriate locations that carts are allowed to drive.

Knowing where to ride a golf cart doesn’t just protect you from unwanted accidents, but also helps to avoid a ticket or any uncomfortable run in with the police due to traffic violations.

That’s why at all of our Etto Leisure Cars dealerships in North Mt. Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant, Summerville, and Charleston, SC we give our golf cart buyers the insight they need to avoid danger or trouble.

To pass along the knowledge, here are some of the places that you can ride your golf cart free of any hassle or worries.

Golf Courses

Obviously, the best place to ride your golf cart is a golf course. Carts are ideal for the course and allow golfers to easily travel long distances between holes during games. Apart from avoiding having to carry clubs and other heavy equipment all around a golf course, players are also able to bring along teams and their caddies during matches. Golf carts are also engineered to drive at a certain speed so as to avoid any tragedies or casualties while traversing the court. This makes the golf course one of the places you are guaranteed to enjoy your cart with a peace of mind.

Hotels & Resorts

In the name of leisure and comfort, many resorts offer golf carts or recommend golf cart rentals for their guests to use while staying. Golf carts make traversing across large estates much easier especially if you have elderly persons or small children vacationing with you. You might also notice that guests aren’t the only one who benefit from having carts at their hotel and resorts. A lot of managers, maintenance staff and other employees of these establishments use golf carts to get around and carry out their duties during the day. Carts help workers to address issues faster so that guests can have their needs satisfied in a fast and efficient manner.

Landscaping Sites/Large Yards

Some customers have even used golf carts to assist them in completing their yard work and landscaping tasks. For those who have large yards or even farms, getting around to basic maintenance work can be arduous without some additional help. Golf carts give you the advantage of not only getting from place to place faster, but also allow you to haul away trimmings and other discarded materials. This makes yard work much more enjoyable and is another guaranteed way to enjoy your cart without putting yourself at any risk.

Visit any of our dealerships today for more valuable tips on where to ride a golf cart. We also serve all patrons from North Charleston, SC!