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Using Your Golf Cart in the Rain

Using Your Golf Cart in the Rain

By Etto Leisure Cars
Dec 14, 2023
| Safety

Many areas throughout the country are currently experiencing their rainy season, or else just entering it. While rain can do wonders for trees, flowers, and other plants, sometimes it has a less-than-beneficial effect on man-made objects. If you are a golf cart owner concerned about rain damage to your cart, this guide created by the experts at Etto Leisure Cars can help.

Can Golf Carts Handle Rain?

If you hear thunder and see lightning, you need to seek shelter, no matter what. However, if it is just a light drizzle, your cart should be fine. The main thing to avoid is driving through puddles, as that can cause water to splash up into the electrical elements under your cart and damage them. 

If precipitation gets heavier and you are forced inside, store your cart indoors. If no indoor space is available, cover it using a tarp or under a carport to help keep it protected. 

Safe Driving Tips

If you frequently find yourself driving your golf cart in the rain, install windshield wipers in order to maintain visibility. Underinflated tires with worn treads will struggle to grip the wet ground, so be sure that you are maintaining your tires. When you are caught in the rain, your stopping distance and chances of tipping over are greater, so drive slower and avoid slopes. 

We here at Etto Leisure Cars hope these tips help keep you and your cart safe. For more information, or to view our selection of new and pre-owned golf carts, visit us at one of our four locations throughout South Carolina, with two in Mount Pleasant, and one in West Ashley and Summerville, respectively. We hope to hear from you soon!