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Golf Cart Etiquette

Golf Cart Etiquette

By Etto Leisure Cars
Dec 14, 2023
| Lifestyle

Following proper etiquette while operating a golf cart is not just a matter of politeness. Pedestrians and other golf cart drivers will act with the assumption that you know, understand, and intend to follow any and all rules both written and unwritten. For that reason, proper golf cart etiquette is vital when it comes to safety. That’s why Etto Leisure Cars has created this guide to golf cart etiquette.

90-Degree Rule

The 90-degree rule means that when driving onto the grass to reach your ball, you should do so at a 90-degree angle. Essentially, you should follow the cart path to a spot that aligns with your ball, make a right-angle turn, and then drive straight toward the ball. This rule helps players reach their balls while minimizing the damage done to the grass by the cart driving over it. 

Cart Path Only

Depending on the date and the course rules, there may be times when you are not allowed on the grass at all. If this rule is in effect, you will need to drive as close as possible to your ball while staying on the cart path and then walk out to it. 

Heed Signs and Don’t Go Joyriding

While it may sound fun to go off on a joyride in a golf cart, the course has rules for a reason. Make sure that you are heeding any signs or special notices that you see, and only use your cart to travel between shots, to get to the next hole, and to exit and enter the turf. Anything else is rude, and even potentially dangerous. 

Use Common Sense

When possible, you should always stay behind other golfers when they are about to take a swing, even if you feel that it is unlikely that you or your passengers will be hit by a stray ball. You should also keep in mind that golf requires a tremendous amount of concentration. Avoid talking loudly or otherwise creating a lot of noise when traveling between holes. 

We here at Etto Leisure Cars hope these tips help you become a safer, more courteous golf cart driver. For more information, or to view our selection of new and pre-owned golf carts, visit us at one of our four locations throughout South Carolina, with two in Mt. Pleasant, and one in Charleston and Summerville, respectively. We hope to hear from you soon!